Art is my life


I can’t live without creating art.

I often feel the urge to create: draw, write or paint: either way I can express my inner feelings or the thoughts that are going on…inside me. These things are not always conscious, but I often feel, that they must be released in some or other way. Sometimes I have problems expressing these toughts and feelings…those days I feel that I need to create something, but I can’t.

But inspiration is everywhere!

Everywhere I say: Nowadays there is no day passing without me checking the daily deviations on deviantart, but there are plenty other ways to get inspired: read books, listen to music, go outside, listen to the nature, talk with others, look at the blue sky, think about yourself and others, there are so many interesting things, you shouldn’t miss those: just feel the things in their simple existence and live!

So when you have that empty paper in front of you but no ideas come to your mind: just relax for a few minutes, think about things which amazed you: places, people, music. Or just start doodling…just sketch things that come to your mind, don’t really pay attention to the technique nor the drawing itself, just create and draw in a natural way.

Often the inspiration won’t come, because you really want to create something great…and you are afraid that you won’t achieve the best result. Well..just forget that. You need to focus on relaxing and having fun during the process, if you do so: you indeed will create great things, even if you draw something simple, or you create the most complex painting in your life..

Author: Psysoul

I'm a designer and software engineer. If you want, I will transform your life, make you more joyful and fulfilled.

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