Building better worlds


A few days ago the “Building better worlds” slogan popped into my mind. This was a slogan of a fictional company (Weyland-Yutani) in the aliens movie. I started thinking about this thing: how can we build better worlds: we only have Earth, but we really should try to make this place into something better. It all depends on us, on you too.

You can do something about it, just make one more people smile a day, and this will bring more and more smile in the world. Just be a little more positive and be optimistic. Try to be more patient, have a little more sympathy and things will become really good.

And a thought from Ascetic Brahma Chaitanya, it is from the movie Liquid Crystal Vision:

“You are nature aren’t you nature? So if you hurt any part of nature it will certainly rebound back upon you!”.

Author: Psysoul

Psysoul is a front-end developer who is fond of minimal and good quality designs. He also likes to create creative designs, processing sketches, and digital paintings.

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