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As a freelancer I work a lot at home, in my room, and it is really important for me to have a nice environment. This not just helps to concentrate more but it helps me to relax too.

Usually what you feel inside is what your environment will look like. If you don’t care about the things, your desk will be messy, and you might not find the things you need.

I really like clean and minimal designs, so that’s how my desk and working environment looks like (unfortunately I can’t post a picture this time, maybe later). I have my monitor + keyboard + mouse on the desk (my wacom tablet, if I am working with it), a calendar and a few notebooks, and a lamp. I got a pretty big desk, so sometimes I have a few cds laying around and the books that I am reading right now.

So whatever things you choose to place on your desk, make sure they won’t disturb you during the work, but give you a good feeling. You might use small things, plants, flowers, pictures 🙂

I am a freelancer, so my room is my working room, I have more than 500 books around me. I want to hang a few pictures on my wall (the seven samurai virtues and prints designed by me).

So remember: a nice environment gives you a creative mood, makes you feel good and you can work effectively..

Author: Psysoul

I'm a designer and software engineer. If you want, I will transform your life, make you more joyful and fulfilled.

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