Where are our dreams? Scattered in time and space. We all bury our dreams deep within us, and keep on living with fake smiles on our faces. How can we live like this? You always say everything is fine, but you also feel, that this is not true.

Always trust your instincts, they never lie. Open up as you were a child, and reveal all those things inside you. Just check them, and make them live, this way your dreams will come true.

Kai Tracid – Conscious:


Now, that I´m here
breaking my relationship with time and space
watching my life through the milky glasses of a
now it all becomes so clear.

If I had the opportunity to smell
the enchanted wind of a spring flower
I would take a deep breath
to relax.

If I had the chance to get the tingling emotion
of warm white sea sand
slipping through my fingers
I would hold on to the feeling.

If I could see the pure and carefree smile of a
as the original nature of honesty
it would be so refreshing
being able to respond.

If I could hear the greatest sound
the silence of forest in the early morning
just interrupted and up valued by the lonely
call of a bird
I would answer.

If I could have my body back
to be reloaded by a sip of crystal clear water
water which is not polluted by chemical industry
I could taste the freshness of the unspoiled

Now, that I´m here
breaking my relationship with time and space
watching my life through the clear glasses of a
I get aware of the small things which are least
the greatest.

I left my life
my physical form of life behind
I realize my blunted and senseless way of life
I should have lived my life much more conscious..

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