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Year by year we produce more data, take more photos, download more music, videos, soon we will have petabyte magnitude of storage at home and in the cloud. This means you have to organize these data, or you will just fall behind. Let me share some tips and tricks to keep your computer and personal data clean and easy to access.

Article topics: Computer files, cloud storage, calendars, todo list, organize webpages and articles.

1. Computer / folder structure / cloud storage

Probably the easiest thing to do is to create a nice folder structure on your computer to keep everything in the right place. I like to use some folders, like this:

– docs (family images and word, excel documents, to keep in one place)

– music (folder structure is based on genres)

– movies

– install (programs, settings, drivers)

– psd (psd / exported jpg, png)

– pictures (here I story my reference images, categorized daily /  by topic).

If you have lot’s of cd / dvd you might want to create an offline catalog of them, in this case you should try something like where is it?

For cloud storage I have a pro dropbox account (100gigs), and a basic google drive account (15gigs), which is great to store and share google docs and such.

2. Calendar & Todo list

It doesn’t matter if you have a small calendar, or you use the one on your phone, the thing is that you should not forget to use it. I always enter new appointments, meetings, important things in my calendar asap, so I won’t forget them. Adding notification helps me avoiding being late from anywhere. (I usually add 2 notifications for important events: 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier).

A todo list is a must for everyone. I  use Any.DO nowadays, which can be used on your phone, from chrome browser or simple from web. Synchronization was a bit buggy when I’ve started using the app, but nowadays it seems perfect, so hopefully issues are gone. An important note is to use smaller tasks in your todo list, if you create an item like this: “redesign webpage”, you’ll get nowhere, as this is a huge thing, you should split it (brainstorm, create design variations, prototype it, code it etc..). I do keep lots of items in my someday folder, which are not tied to any date, but I do make sure to clean any task which is in the today / tomorrow folder.

3. Organize webpages, articles is my choice when it comes to storing my bookmarks. I don’t like some new things about the site, but using delicious is still really easy,  having labels (and the nice bookmarklet) is a great feature. One thing to keep in mind: only save the links which you are sure will use later, or you’ll end up with 4821 bookmarks in your account, as I am. Of course I will easily find what I’m looking for, based on my labels, but most things are unnecessary / outdated.

So my new weapon here is Pocket (fomerly Read It Later), which is a great android (ios too) app / chrome plugin to flag any webpage, video or other content to check it later. The rule here is to only add what is really important, and what I want to read in the near-future, like within a week. I have about 25 articles saved, which will probably take only 1-2 hours to read trough. Great plus is that the app can download the content on the phone (only on wifi, if you prefer), which can be read later, without a connection. Something what I don’t like is the absence of tagging / categorizing articles, which would be great.

4. Shared docs

Google docs is great to create and share smaller docs, spreadsheets. Sharing / multi-editing works great..

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