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Adobe Creative Cloud takes applications to the cloud. This means you can access and download your Adobe software anywhere, and install use on two separate machines, regardless of OS as long as the individual using the software is the same. The most important new aspect of CC is that the software will not be sold for a standalone fee, but a monthly fee. For complete plan you’ll have to pay $49.99 / month, for Single-app the fee is $29.99.

Full plan currently contains:

Photoshop? CC
Illustrator? CC
InDesign? CC
Dreamweaver? CC
After Effects? CC
Adobe? Premiere? Pro CC
Adobe Muse? CC
Acrobat? XI Pro
Adobe Audition? CC
Bridge CC
Flash? Builder? Premium
Flash Professional CC
InCopy? CC
Media Encoder CC
Prelude? CC
SpeedGrade? CC

 Photoshop news:

Photoshop CC contains all features of Photoshop CS6 extended version (3d features and such), it contains lightroom, and also some new features, such as:

– New sharpen algorithm

– New upscale algorithm

– Camera RAW 8 and layer support

– Editable rounded rectangles

– Camera Shake reduction

– Improved 3d painting.

A great thing is that if you don’t like the new feature, it’s possible to use the legacy mode of the same tool.

Adobe CC is also more social, plans include 20 GB of cloud storage for file sharing and collaboration.

Behance is integrated into CC apps, so after one-time account linking you’ll be able to easily share your newly created drawings and designs on Behance. CC plans also include a free  Behance ProSite subscription, which is a personal portfolio site builder. (An example portfolio:


– Get all software for complete plan (as compared to CS6 pricing) for pretty low price

– Get instant updates

– Social, Behance

– Can be used offline (online license validation needed every 30 days or 99 days based on type of subscription)


– Somewhat buggy software at first (this should not be a problem as new versions come out).

– Needs license validation from time to time


While Adobe Creative Suit 6 will be with us for some time, soon companies will have to change to creative cloud, which preferably means that professionals will not just have one tool, but the whole creative cloud package at hand. This means you’ll have the best tools at hand, and you can choose which tools fits the best for the actual creative work..

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