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Internet security is one of the most important things nowadays. Everyone uses the Internet, million dollars flowing daily, we spend money, share ideas, write blog entries, contact our friends etc…everyone can be a victim of hackers (well, crackers). Protecting our secret information and protection against spam / phishing is really important. I will show you free solutions against Internet threats.

Protection against viruses / Trojans / spy ware / ad ware:
You need to use an anti-virus software, one that is always up-to-date. I recommend Avast!, which is free for home users and can be downloaded here: avast! This is an anti-virus software which also protects you on the Internet, it has standard virus defense, web defense (stops connection to infected websites), it protects against mail viruses etc.

If you are looking for software for your business, or you are willing to pay for it, you should choose nod32 or kaspersky (also you should buy the packages with built-in Internet security).


Also if you want more protection against spyware / adware you should run ad-aware, the free version doesn’t have real time protection, but it’s still pretty useful. You can download it here: Ad-aware

Web browsing:
Definitely you need to use a good browser like
Firefox or Chrome.

Protection against spam:
Use Thunderbird mail software . It’s spam filters are really good, almost all spam will end in the spam folder. It can download mail from different mail accounts at the same time. Basically the software will work perfect for you, except if you need really special services.

A note about passwords:
Every site writes about passwords, I also write because they are really important. Change your password monthly. Use 6-8 characters, capital letters letters and special characters too (like !#@), numbers.
Example for strong password: bC36;U!

FTP / Total Commander:
Old Total Commander store FTP passwords without encryption, this means they can easily steal all your FTP passwords with a spy ware program. You should use master password for your FTP connections (Network – FTP connections – Encoding – and protect all your FTP accounts with a master password). This way your accounts will be safe, you just need to use your master password if you want to connect to a server.

A final warning: The thought of false safety is even worse than being without safety. You can’t think that no one will attack you, because you are not someone who worth hacking. But spyware programs don’t think, they steal everyone’s data, and you might end up in a bad situation, if they manage to steal your bank account password, or a few FTP passwords (that happened to me, and that gave me the inspiration to write this article).

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