Welcome in my dreams


Why dreams? You might ask that. Well: things on this pages will somehow reflect my dreamworld. I like to dream: dream at night, or dream at day. Dreams give me inspiration and they have a wonderful feeling, they are rainbow colored places, where all bad things dissapear from my daily life, and interesting, great things happen (well..sometimes crazy things happen 😀 )

So there are plenty of things that I want to upload here:

– There was a blog that I created a few years ago, I hope I can find the content of that, so I can place that here.

– I want to upload most of my works (websites / graphics / programming).

– Projects

– Writings, Sketches

– My great ideas

– CV

I also need to create a design for this wordpress blog, and maybe I need to program some stuff so it works as I really want it to work…but that will happen only later. For now I am okay with ready-made templates (I might change this design from time to time).

I want this place to continuously evolve, change, just like nature.

Please be patient until I post more things. Meanwhile you can check:

My deviantart account
My older portfolio site.

Author: Psysoul

Psysoul is a front-end developer who is fond of minimal and good quality designs. He also likes to create creative designs, processing sketches, and digital paintings.

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